made with love

Handmade carpets of LivingCarpets are of the highest quality and have a high value, so even future generations will be able to enjoy our products. We rely on traditional craftsmanship in the production of our carpets. All carpets are handmade by experts with special attention to every detail.

Several work steps have been established to comply with our standards: Every new order is sent to our production facility in India and we create a detailed schedule for the various steps. For each order, color samples are sent in advance for comparison. As soon as the knotting work is completed, we receive photos of the carpet. After finishing, our carpets are checked again by experts in India and get a certificate. In the case of particularly demanding or unusual orders, we check these carpets once again in Vienna.

We create visualizations of design carpets before production starts. Image files are put together in a mood board and a “proof” with the desired design, colors, materials and pile heights is created for control purposes.