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Living Carpets


How does a carpet turn into a favourite piece? What turns a place into the ideal home? It is the perfect combination of forms and colours. To top it all is a carpet, provided it really fits harmoniously into the whole picture. Our handmade masterpieces just meet these requirements. We fulfil the individual wishes of clients or interior designers. Moreover, we visualise the carpet in advance – after all, a picture says more than 1000 words.

But not only this makes LivingCarpets’ offering unique. We have longstanding experience in dyeing, spinning and weaving. On top of that, we have been producing in India for more than 20 years, where the carpet craftmanship finds its origin. We employ qualified and skilled staff there, as well as designers whose ultimate goal it is to meet the highest quality standards. This is a guarantee, which we can vouch for due to our long-term business relations. 

Come and see for yourself how much love for detail – handicraft in all our design-masterpieces goes into. 

Georg Vartyan


about us