family History

Over 50 years of experience

Our family has been producing carpets for three generations and has already gained over 50 years of experience. That’s exactly how long we’ve been in contact with our production operations in India, which are located near the pilgrimage city of Varanasi along the sacred Ganges river. This is where our hand-woven carpets are produced. Carpets from LivingCarpets are available with Tibet- or Persian-knots and with short or long-pile floor. We use only high-quality material like pure Seide, Alpaca wool, Mohair Mix, Natural wool, Viscose, Bamboosilk or Tencel.

family History

Over the years we have specialized in unicolored custom and design carpets and continue to hone our dying technique on an ongoing basis. We use various materials to create the special visual effects in our hand-knotted carpets. Once we are satisfied with a new unicolored carpet, we check whether it can be reliably reproduced to be sold.

Only highly trained employees with many years of experience work on the production of modern designer carpets. We pay great attention to the sustainability of our products. In addition, we strictly monitor the working conditions in our workshops and suppliers.