Our carpets are always transported in rolls. Carpet rolls and carpets with over 3 m length on the shorter side are charged with an additional 6 %. We transport carpets with over 3 m length to Vienna normally folded. Which carpets we fold is at our discretion. Folded carpets are repacked into rolls in Vienna and then shipped to our customers. Normally we deliver from India within 7 - 9 days to our customers’ warehouses.


The carpet is rolled extremely tight across the grain. In some cases an additional paper roll is placed inside the carpet. It can sometimes break and leave pieces of paper behind, which can be vacuumed. After that the carpet is rolled in a thin sheet of plastic. Thus the roll is pushed into a 100-150 Mµ thick plastic tube which is tightened at both ends. Finally a white plastic fabric is used for the outer wrapping.

Typical transport damages

They occur mostly during flight transport, when the rolls are wheeled with a forklift and an end accidently drags on the floor. Such damages are immediately reported to us by our transport company and rectified in Vienna upon arrival. If you notice any damage, please email us a photo of the area/spot in question,

A "dark stripe" on the carpet pile

Whilst the carpets are rolled inadvertently the pile gets flattened. Especially with strongly silky carpets is a dark stripe possibly visible on the inner end. This stripe can be sometimes wrongly interpreted as a coloring fault. In truth it is vertical upright wool which cannot be flattened. Instead of reflecting the light the wool in this area absorbs it. This mismatch stops after the first time vacuuming and disappears after some use completely.