Fine Materials

Our carpets keep their grace and value for years and even decades. In a society that is increasingly industrialized handcraft gets more and more unaffordable. In order to meet the elaborate art of knotting we use only high-quality materials and pay a lot of attention to their sustainability.


is a high-quality viscose made from carefully processed cellulose with a homogeneous surface and a silk gloss.


has an even surface with a silky shine, is extremely durable and is it is produced sustainably.

Tencel is a regenerated cellulose fiber from the house of LENZING, Austria. The special closed loop production process received the "European Award for the Environment" from the European Union. The fiber has been specifically optimized for the carpets area. 


is a hand-spun viscose with a lot of shine and structure, obtained from the cellulose of the bamboo plant.

Mohair Mix

is made of best hand-spun Mohair-, Ghazni- and New Zealand wool and has a slightly textured surface with fine woolen shine.

Natural Wool

is a sustainable hand-spun wool of highest quality. Natural Wool is made from undyed and combed sheep's wool from New Zealand and has a slightly structured surface. It is available in 9 natural colors, depending on the desired color up to 20% viscose will be added.

Alpaka Wool

this high-quality wool comes from the South-American Alpaca camel. Alpaca Wool is very soft with a natural shine and very attractive.

Fabulous Silk 

finest Indian silk has been recycled and spun into a new fiber in a very elaborate process. Fabulous Silk is soft and has a fine silky shine with varying shades of color. 

Pure Silk

highest quality pure Indian silk with exceptionally beautiful silk shine.