Qualität Farben

We leave nothing to chance

Particularly when it comes to uncolored carpets, color plays a major role in customer satisfaction. For this reason we have absolutely perfected our dyeing process. The NCS color system with a color analysis device and a color atlas is used to define the colors. These tools allow us to perfectly define the colors and break down the colors into their individual components.

At the same time, this knowledge is just the first step in correctly realizing your desired color. The right basic color of the wool, the temperature and color of the water as well as the duration of the dyeing process also have a major influence on optimal dyeing. The carpet then receives its final finishing touch in the wash where the color develops and gets its very special shine. We only wash ArtSilk products with soap to protect the environment and to additionally ensure that stronger agents won’t wash out any of the color components.

Before dyeing takes place, a color sample is first sent to Vienna. This allows us to filter out incorrect colors early on and to ensure that carpets will be delivered in the correct color.