Pflege & Reinigung

Care & Cleaning

In a household where people predominantly do not walk around with shoes, a daily cleaning will not be necessary. When you vacuum, please move the nozzle/brush from left to right along the grain – do not try to clean against the grain. Dust manifests itself on top of the pile and can be easily vacuumed away.

To remember: Vacuum at low setting – use 500 watt max. Fold away any brushes, do not use any static or rotating brushes.

Periodical cleaning (yearly): with time dust manifests itself deeper and deeper into the carpet. This dust can be dealt with more effectively on a carpet beating bar or on a firmly frozen layer of snow, which binds dust extremely well.

Info: A carpet improves the air quality as it absorbs all free flowing dust particles.

Wet cleaning

As needed in 5-10 years cycles. Please contact a company that is specialised in cleaning oriental carpets and compare different suppliers/offers. The price should be stated per square metre and the transport should be included or stated separately. We will gladly help you to choose an expert cleaner all in your area.

To remember: In Europe, the carpets are cleaned from dirt and dust by comparison to the production cleaning process in India. This means a bigger mechanical strain, which again means the carpets will be cleaner but will never return to its original state.

Carpets with ArtSilk, Bamboo or Tencel®: Please draw attention to the pile material separately as it has special properties, which have to be accounted for in the cleaning process. On the whole the carpet can feel softer, the overall size can increase and the feel (density) of pile decrease. Also, the pile surface can appear uneven.

High-pile carpets: they can only be wet cleaned to a certain extent, as the felted material would loosen in the water and the carpet would lose its shape. We recommend dry cleaning here.

Silk carpets: careful with wet cleaning. Colour dye does not stick as well on smooth silk as it does on wool. Therefore some “bleeding” can appear, which means that the silk loses colouring and it disperses into the close wool. The silk will stain its surrounding with its colour irreversibly.

Emergency – cleaning

Please treat/act immediately! Vacuum with a hoover or dab with an absorbing cloth all of the liquid dispersed. Next start treating the affected area with lukewarm water, wool detergent and a white cloth. Use little strength when rubbing the spot. First along the grain and if not successful try against the grain.

Continue to do so until all foreign colouring disappears. Should you fail, increase the rubbing strength. The spot can darken with the usage of water and stand out from the rest of the carpet. Let the treated area dry. If there is still a mark visible, please contact a specialist carpet cleaning company.

To remember: Ideally the carpet should be picked up whilst still wet, so that the spilled area cannot dry out.