New! Undyed Wool Carpets

Now LivingCarpets offers rugs made of undyed natural wool. This wool has a natural texture. An additional benefit is that we pay particular attention to the protection of our environment during the production.  Click here to learn more about this new quality wool.


New! The iOS app from Living Carpets for your iPad

With the new iOS App, it’s easy to get your dream carpet "home". Find out how easy the setup really is. More…


Pure Bamboo

The range of bamboo rugs was extended by another new product. Now we have a reasonably priced quality Pure Bamboo in addition to the already very successful quality Royal Bamboo. This bamboo carpet is made of hand-spun viscose from bamboo with a strong texture and accentuated surface. Click here to learn more about this quality Pure Bamboo.


“Light of Love” Charity 2014

In 2014 we started a school project in India together with the Austrian Charity Association "Light of Love". For many years "Light of Love" has supported a school for disabled children in Varanasi. With our help, weaving looms were bought, so that the children could learn the craft of carpet weaving. After finishing school, the adolescents have the opportunity to do valuable work in the surrounding carpet workshops and lead an independent life.

  • Town_Fabulous_Silk
    Fabulous Silk - pure luxury
    Now you will experience pure luxury with our new Fabulous Silk rugs. Pleasantly soft and particularly dense hand-knotted Indian silk with a pile height of up to 3 cm will inspire you.
  • Pure Kelim
    Pure Kilim - fascinating beautiful
    These carpets are flat woven from Natural Wool and glossy BambooSilk with particularly decorative Royal fringes: tone in tone in the color of the carpet or as an eye-catcher in the color of the design.
  • Town Natural Wool
    Natural Wool - untreated wool
    Natural Wool is made from hand-spun pure wool or a mixture of wool with viscose (max. 20% viscose). The surface of theses carpets is particularly even and the pile is especially dense. Experience the color of Natural wool - in nine different natural color shades.
  • Living Carpets Shop
    Shop - now online
    With our new online shop you can fulfill your carpet dreams immediatly. At very special conditions. All offers are exclusively for LivingCarpets storage carpets. Enjoy browsing. Click here to visit our shop