Tencel Loom

Your home will be in a new light and the interior will shine in pure elegance.

Tencel Loom rugs have a silky lustrous surface that is lightly ribbed with varying shades of colour. The rugs are made of high quality, sustainably produced Tencel fiber.

Tencel® is a lyocell fiber from the house of LENZING, Austria. The special closed loop production process received the "European Award for the Environment" from the European Union. The fiber has been specifically optimized for the carpets area. Tencel is particularly resistant and has a strong texture but visually there is nearly no difference to viscose.

The rug is produced on a hand-operated loom which gives a distinctive character.
The pile is softer and more flexible compared to hand knotted rugs. Loom rugs can be produced in short production times.

Rugs of the Tencel Collection can be cleaned wet by a professional cleaner, more details under 
Care & Cleaning.