We are thinking about tomorrow

Today handcraft is rare and valuable. You will find a lot of high-quality craftsmanship in our hand-knotted rugs.  Manufacturing 100% handmade carpets is very expensive and therefore only possible in some emerging markets. Our mission is to sustainably ensure socially acceptable and environmentally friendly production conditions.

We care for the future of disadvantaged Indian youth.

Since 2005 we are supporting an Indian school project for handicapped children in the area of Varanasi. Form our initial commitment and financial support a profound cooperation with the Austrian charity organization "Light of Love" has grown in recent years.
In 2014 we built the first knotting chair in the school, from then on teenagers in final classes, despite their physical handicap, had the opportunity to learn the handcraft of knotting carpets. In the last years more knotting chairs were built and well-trained teenagers receive a fair remuneration for their work. 

These special handmade rugs can be bought at LivingCarpets in Vienna (only from stock). You recognize the carpets on the hand-painted labels on the backside. By the way a significant percentage of the revenue from sale will benefit again the educational project for disadvantaged Indian youth!